Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Introvert Life

Today I learned that as an introvert it is better to throw a party than go to one.

We invited our entire neighborhood over for dinner. As an introvert, making conversation and getting to know new people is not really at the top of my list.  In fact, it drains the energy out of me.  Being alone recharges me.  

However it really doesn't bother me when my wife the social butterfly wants to invite people over.  Why?  Because if it is at my house then I can control the situation.  When I don't feel like talking to someone there is always a party task I can do to keep me busy and sneak away for a few minutes to recharge my batteries and come up with new things to say.  (Yes, I actually come up with a list of possible questions in my head.)

I'm learning a lot about being an introvert.  It's really quite fascinating to me.  Like for example I get more nervous meeting someone new than I do speaking to a large crowd.  Yet, I prefer few, deep conversations over many surface, small talk conversations.

So weird how each of us are wired, gifted, and designed.  But the coolest part is, after 31 years I'm finally learning how to maximize my introvertedness.  Through some personality tests, strengths finder, and skills inventories I am learning how to make the most of it.  As I do this, I'm learning to stop making excuses as to why I'm not good in certain situations.  It's making me grow as a person in many ways.  

There is life as an introvert.  You just have to know yourself and learn how to best utilize your personality.  

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