Sunday, March 23, 2014

7 Things I Never Did Before Becoming A Parent

I has been less than two years since I have become a parent.  I have learned so much in these 20ish months about a lot of important things.  I have also realized that I do a lot of random, minor things as a parent that I never would do before.  I guess Justin Beiber was right about one thing. Never say never. Let me give you some examples.

  1. Park next to the cart rack.  At the grocery store I never parked next to the shopping carts because I always wanted to avoid door dings.  But when you have a baby or toddler you either don't want to carry them back to the car or you don't want to attempt to make them hold hands and walk because that rarely works and they go limp and you're either dragging your child because a line of cars is waiting or you're picking them up while they are screaming and shoving them into your car like you're a kidnapper.  (Don't act like I'm the only one this happens to.)  So for me, its best to just park next to the cart rack.
  2. Use the drive-thru.  This might seem weird but I'm kind of anti-drive-thru.  I personally don't think it's much faster for food and they are more likely to mess up your order.  Also, I like to go inside to the bank to build relationships.  But with a little boy that likes to run and climb and throw a quick trip to the bank or restaurant can be quite the adventure.  So much so that I find myself going out of the way to go to the drive-thru.
  3. Consider the food I order.  Fortunately we aren't quite at the stage where our one year old needs his own meal.  Consequently, Katy and I make sure to order food that he would like so he can have some of ours.  So I have to ease up on the spicy foods, sushi, and beef/steak for foods that are easy on baby teeth and tongue.  
  4. Drink and eat after someone.  I'm an only child so I'm not the best at sharing, especially when it comes to food and drinks.  And by sharing I mean drinking out of the same straw and eating with the same fork.  It sounds gross and I never did it before becoming a parent but it seems like a daily occurrence these days.  As it turns out, it hasn't done much damage to me.
  5. Celebrate bodily functions.  I'm not very modest, but I can certainly say that I have been more excited and cheered more for wet diapers, dirty diapers, and productive coughs and sneezes than I ever have before.  It's a sign that all systems are go and toxins are leaving the body.  What's not to celebrate!?!
  6. Dance.  I hate dancing.  Not that I'm against it or think its bad or think its pointless.  I hate dancing because I'm not good at it. I might actually like dancing but I'm so bad at it that it makes me hate it. This white boy has no rhythm.  But my son hears music and loves to dance and I love to watch him do it.  So therefore, I dance my heart out.  
  7. Not be bothered by crying babies.  Before I had a child I was so annoyed when someone would have a crying baby in church, at a wedding, in the movie, etc...  But I didn't know what it was like.  Now that I know, I completely understand.  I understand that you get tired of spending so much time in the lobby or you know they've had a rough morning/day so you don't want to send them to the nursery.  So now when I hear a crying baby, I kind of grin.  Not because I'm twisted but because it reminds me of what it was/is like.
I'm sure there are more but those are what come to mind.  What do you do now as a parent that you never thought you would?

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